Renting Versus Buying – Montreal Gazette

Renting Versus Buying - Montreal Gazette By: Megan Martin Experts cite various factors that come into play when you’re deciding whether to buy or rent a home. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments most people will ever make. And while it’s often regarded as one of life’s milestones, homeownership isn’t for everyone. In fact, while many firstime buyers are eager to take the...

Should you rent or buy? – Global News

By: Andrew Russell and Max Hartshorn To rent or buy?  That is a question Canadians across the country face as they weigh the pros and cons of making the leap into home ownership. Conventional wisdom says to buy property. We’re not making any more land, and with the Bank of Canada keeping interest rates low and mortgage rates falling it might seem like a good time to purchase that first...

Is It Better To Rent Or To Buy? – Huffington Post

By: The Team It's a difficult, confusing and often frustrating process trying to decide whether to buy or to rent. For most consumers, purchasing a home is the largest investment of their lifetime. Not a choice to be taken lightly, lots of research and planning are imperative to ensure you come to the right conclusion and avoid feeling like you're living out a financial Shakespearean...

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